"I don't want to write music through negations.

Everything is permissible as long as it's done in good taste." Kaija Saariaho



Anna-Maria Rammou explores the place of humans within society and our perception of the natural environment through meditative drones and processed environmental recordings. She works with field recordings, electronics, found sounds in conjunction with acoustic instruments and synthesized sounds.

She is interested in the relationship between the audible, the visible and the non tangible, in the interplay between the concrete and the abstract. By the re-contextualisation of specific sounds and textures she creates emotional landscapes.


Film, photography, dance and poetry influence her work and inspire her to create. She composed music for the award winning animation Pulsión (2019) by Pedro Casavecchia.

She is currently studying Contemporary Music and Sound Technology at the Athens's Conservatoire and KSYME (Contemporary Music Research Center in Athens, GR).



Athens, Greece

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